Lzzy Hale Feels Happy About The Success Of Women Fronted Rock Bands

Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale recently posted Mediabase’s 7 Days Chart on her Instagram to share her thoughts and feelings about The Pretty Reckless, Evanescence, and Halestorm’s rising popularity and commercial success as female-fronted bands.

As you probably know, the music industry is a male-dominated field, just like many others. The frontiers of the most famous rock and metal bands, such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Guns N’Roses, and Metallica, are all men. Women are rarely seen fit to front rock bands and also get sexually objectified through the lyrics.

Therefore, the women in the rock scene are often male rock stars’ girlfriends, wives, or groupies. However, this mentality has changed in the past decades since dozens of women have proven their talents as musicians and insisted on making music and leading a rock n’ roll lifestyle.

In her recent Instagram post, Lzzy Hale drew attention to female-fronted bands’ success despite all these prejudices by sharing the 7 Days chart, featuring The Pretty Reckless, Evanescence, and Halestorm hit songs. She congratulated the frontwomen and stated that all of them can be in the top four. Also, she didn’t forget to credit Pop Evil’s drummer Hayley Cramer while highlighting that they’re hitting the charts.

Hale’s IG post read:

“I don’t know whether this is the first time we’ve seen three women fronted bands, and to add a 4th… a badass woman drummer in Rock all in the top 10 at the same time, but I certainly haven’t seen it before. I’m so honored to climb the charts alongside my sisters.

Congrats to Taylor Momsen on the Number 1 this week…. Amy and Jen are right behind and to make it 4… let’s not forget badass drummer Hayley Cramer of Pop Evil. Beware though ladies… I’m creeping… Race ya to the top bitches! Will we see a 1-2-3-4 punch? Nothing’s impossible.”

You can see the photo below.

Photo Credit: Lzzy Hale – Instagram