Liam Gallagher Won’t Perform At Glastonbury But He Might Be There Selling CBD Chocolates

Contrary to Liam Gallagher’s previous statements suggesting his participation in Glastonbury, it appears that he will not be performing at the festival. The singer seems to have received numerous comments regarding his Glastonbury show, so he took to X to address the situation, expressing the following:

“I never said I was playing Glastonbury every body COOL OUT.”

The musician clarified the misunderstanding with a few words while stating he would be doing something else instead — selling CBD chocolates:

“They said will we see you there I said yeah and they might I might be selling CBD Toblerones.”

What Caused The Misunderstanding?

Earlier, Gallagher hinted at the possibility of performing at the Glastonbury Festival 2024. The former Oasis frontman, now pursuing a solo career, is on the brink of releasing his first joint album with John Squire, the guitarist of The Stone Roses. Additionally, he is gearing up for a fully booked tour in support of the upcoming record.

Given this whirlwind of activities, fans are speculating whether Gallagher might make a comeback to Worthy Farm, where he last appeared in 2019. A fan took to X on February 22 to ask Gallagher:

“Will we see you and Squire at Glastonbury this summer LG?”

The singer replied with:


More recently, a fan shared the screenshot of his earlier reply, which later Gallagher realized what he said and responded:

“Ah ok you got me my bad.”

Now it’s clear that he won’t be performing at Glastonbury.

You can see the tweets below.