Liam Gallagher Says He Doesn’t Mind Being Asked About Oasis Reunion

During a recent appearance on LADbible TV, former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher reacted to the audiences’ thoughts about him. The rocker revealed he doesn’t mind getting asked about a possible Oasis reunion since he finds it very natural.

Oasis was formed in Manchester in 1991 and rose to fame during the Britpop era of the 1990s. They sold over 50 million albums worldwide and distinguished themselves from the other acts of the period with their traditional rock sound. The band was lucky enough to be superstars with their 1994 debut studio album, ‘Definitely Maybe.’ It brought them an immediate massive success in the UK.

The group established a solid place in the music industry from the start. They also captured the American audience with their second album, ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?‘ The band continued to put out records during the following years, but the tension between Liam and Noel Gallagher has been evident since their early years. They were constantly breaking up at all times. Their bond deteriorated over two decades, eventually leading to the end of Oasis in 2009.

It is a prevalent topic among the fans whether the band will get together again. During a recent appearance, Liam Gallagher reacted to the audience’s thoughts about the questions he got the most. As the singer guessed correctly, the number one question was about a possible Oasis reunion. Gallagher revealed he doesn’t mind getting asked about it because it is normal for the fans to wonder about that. He said he liked talking about Oasis but didn’t give any clue about a reunion.

Liam Gallagher speaking on Oasis reunion:

“‘What question do you think Liam is most tired of being asked?’ Top three answers. One, ‘When is Oasis getting back together?’ ‘How is your brother Noel?’ All that nonsense. ‘When are you gonna have a fight with Robbie Williams?’

‘Why did Oasis break up?’ We all know that. The little fellow got into a sulk. ‘Anything about Noel,’ there you go. Number one, ‘Is Oasis getting back together?’ See, I don’t mind getting asked that because it is natural. I like talking about Oasis because it is the best band in the world. So they are wrong again, man. Getting back together? Not this week, but I am ready to go. My bags are packed. Maybe the week after.”

You can watch the entire video below.