Lars Ulrich Recalls How Ozzy Osbourne Did Sound-Checks In His Wife’s Dress While Touring With Metallica

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich opened up about the early years of the band during an interview with Brian Johnson’s a Life on the Road and revealed the time when they were touring with Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne who was showing up in his wife Sharon Osbourne’s dress to soundcheck before a performance.

As many of you might know, ‘The Ultimate Sin’ is the fourth studio album by the legendary vocalist Ozzy Osbourne who recently gaining recognition as a solo musician before releasing the album due to his disembark from Black Sabbath. Thanks to his reputation as a rock star, the album managed to become the highest-charting studio album of Osbourne.

‘The Ultimate Sin Tour’ followed the success of the album and the whole tour lasted for a year including 128 shows, making it the fifth major concert tour by the legendary musician Ozzy Osbourne. In addition to being an iconic tour on its own, it also has another special fact since it was the great Metallica who was the opening act from March 27, 1986, to February 13, 1987.

During a recent interview, Metallica drummer opened up about the time when he first started liking touring as a young musician and revealed that the whole process of touring including the rush, joy, speed, and fun in a tiny bubble was extremely captivating for a young rock star who was living his dream.

On top of all of those experiences, Lars Ulrich revealed that the history of the band’s youth is filled with numerous peculiar stories such as the one when Metallica was touring with none other than Ozzy Osbourne himself. Apparently, the iconic frontman occasionally showed up in his wife’s dress for soundcheck before a live performance.

Here is what Ulrich said:

“It was just play, beverages, on to the next thing – play, beverages… You usually lived in this little bubble, this little vacuum. A couple of years later, we were opening for Ozzy in arenas across America for six months.

He was just becoming a big post-Black Sabbath solo artist who still, obviously, his reputation was that he was out of his mind. He would show up at the gig for soundcheck, and he would be sound-checking in Sharon’s dress or something.”

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