Korn’s Brian Welch Gives The Key To Eternal Happiness

Korn guitarist Brian Welch recently shared a video on his Instagram account in which he read a passage from the Bible to reflect his thoughts on being in search of satisfaction, eternity, and how human beings can find them.

As you may recall, Welch had previously declared that Christianity is now his greatest passion and main interest after getting rid of his severe alcohol and drug addictions. He not only described himself as a believer, but also a person who wants to know the true message behind the Bible. Therefore, the guitarist has read the Holy Book many times and shared his ideas with his fans.

For instance, in one of his Instagram posts, Welch read a passage from 2 Corinthians 4:17 to connect to his fans who have been going through hard times and facing various difficulties. After reading the script, he stated that all their pains are temporary, and they can learn new things about life from their traumas. The musician then told his fans they can achieve this through enduring the pain and rebuilding themselves during those times.

Similarly, in his recent Instagram video entitled ‘Saturday Soul,’ Brian Welch read Ecclesiastes 3:11 from the Bible this time. The passage was about eternity, and Welch then expressed his ideas on it. In the video, Welch highlighted that eternity has been planted in people’s hearts, and searching for it is far better than any other temporary satisfaction that will fade away soon.

Welch’s IG post read:

“Eternity has been planted.

Have an amazing weekend!”

In the video, Welch also said:

“I call these videos ‘Saturday Soul’ where I share scriptures in a non-organized religious way. Because when the ego dies, the soul comes alive. Ecclesiastes 3:11: ‘The divine creator has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity into the human heart but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of the creator’s work from beginning to the end.’

It’s mind-blowing. We have been given eternity and it has been planted inside of our hearts. It’s there for us to discover: to search and discover.

Who likes scavenger hunts? I know I do. You know what, we go and we all search for things in this world to satisfy us. But we end up not satisfied, or at the best, we find temporary satisfaction. We have to admit that the passion for those things does start to fade away, doesn’t it?

Life goes on and just the desire for it just kind of finds decay. This eternity that has been planted inside of our hearts… When you go on a discovery to unpack this, if you keep searching, that excitement and satisfaction never fade away. It doesn’t decay. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s just like you found a fire inside of yourself.

Consequently, Welch thinks that humans already have eternity inside their hearts, but they can’t find it because of focusing on daily satisfaction. He seems sure that if people embark on their journey to discover eternity, they will feel happier and more satisfied than before.