Kid Rock Is Under Attack From Martha Stewart Fans

Martha Stewart recently attended the 2024 Kentucky Derby and shared some photos from the event with fans. While the pictures captured the excitement of the day, one detail caused criticism in the comments: A picture with Kid Rock.

Stewart posted several photos posing with jockeys, photographer Douglas Friedman, singer Josh Groban, and others. In her Instagram post, Stewart was seen smiling in a tan outfit and wide-brimmed hat, holding a few roses. In one picture, Kid Rock stood beside her in a pink suit and a cowboy hat.

Stewart wrote in the post’s description:

“Some of the celebrities at the Kentucky Derby despite the dry day the jockeys were smattered with dirt and mud Josh Groban, Kid Rock, Douglas Friedman, Susan Magrino.”

Stewart’s Fans Criticized Kid Rock

The comments section filled up with complaints and criticism, with replies like:

“Not one but two pics with the homophobic, confederate flag waving, Trump loving Skid Rock. It’s not a good thing.”

Some fans expressed disappointment:

“Kid Rock?? Cmon Martha, I just lost a little respect. You know better.”

One fan said:

“You look Lovely – but with Skid Rock? Be more choosy who you hang and selfie with. Nazi MAGAts in pink suits don’t fool anyone.”

Some fans were okay with Stewart’s pic with Kid Rock, but most thought it wasn’t okay. Many were upset because of Kid Rock’s controversies over the years, like his conservative views and explicit behavior.

Stewart hasn’t responded to the comments yet.

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart – Instagram