Josh Todd Doesn’t Consider Slipknot Metal

In a recent episode of ‘The Jasta Show,’ Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd was asked to name a metal band he’s into, but he is not sure if it’s metal or not.

The host Jamey Jasta, also the frontman of Hatebreed, asked the singer about the one band that he ‘gets down with.’ Todd named Slipknot but was hesitant to call them a metal band. He said:

“Oh, wow. I don’t know. I mean, do you consider Slipknot metal? I don’t know. I really like Slipknot. I really got into Slipknot. I kind of missed the whole boat on them. And then I had a tech, a merch guy, actually; his name is Bubba. And he was really into Slipknot. He was from Iowa. And I was, like, ‘I don’t know. I missed the whole thing. Tell me why it’s great.’ And he is, like, ‘You’ve gotta watch ‘Disasterpiece’.’ So I watched it, and I was, like, ‘Fuck, man. This is so incredible.'”

He then explained how he became an ‘instant fan’ of the band:

“I really got invested in every aspect of how cool they were. I really liked the lyrics. It was very dangerous, in my opinion, and I hadn’t seen a band that had really kind of intimidated me for a while. And when I saw the crowd react to them, it was like they had their own little planet that they were on, and they still do. And I just thought it was amazing. And I became an instant fan. And then I started really digging in deep to their first record. And I really like ‘Iowa’; that’s my favorite record. And then we got an opportunity to be on stage with them and Deep Purple and us in Japan, and Slipknot was headlining, and I got to be sidestage. And it was fucking just amazing.”

Buckcherry Members Listen To Slipknot Before Stage

Back in 2011, the band took to X to share what they listen to before going on stage. When a fan asked what kind of music they listen to before live shows, Buckcherry named a few bands instead of naming a certain genre.

Along with Slipknot, they named AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine, and N.W.A. It’s unclear which member took to the platform to reply to the fan’s question, but considering Todd’s love for Slipknot, it was possibly him who answered.

You can watch the interview below.