Jonathan Davis Says Korn’s Latest Music Video Is The Rebirth Of The Band

Korn recently released their new single ‘Start the Healing’ from their upcoming studio album ‘Requiem.’ The band’s lead vocalist, Jonathan Davis talked about its music video in an interview with Audacy Check-In and stated that the theme of the music video is the ‘Rebirth of Korn.’

Korn released ‘The Nothing’ in 2019 before the pandemic hit the world with mandatory lockdowns. During the lockdown period, the band spent their days working on a new album not to keep their fans waiting for too long. Just as the restrictions got lifted and bands started touring again, Korn’s Jonathan Davis, unfortunately, contracted the virus, and his health was affected by it. The band had to postpone their future touring dates, which had kicked off in August.

Although Davis officially recovered after 11 days, the aftermath of the virus continued, yet, the singer refused to cancel any more shows and was up on stage as soon as he tested negative. Recently, he attended an interview with the host Carlota from Audacy and stated that he was doing much better in terms of his health. The vocalist continued to talk about his band’s new single and its music video.

Korn had a lot of time in their hands to work on the composition of the song, and therefore the music video also had to be able to support that. Directed by Timothy Saccenti, the video features the band and clips of baby-like figures along with imageries of a womb, bones, and bodies. Davis stated that he loves these imageries in the video which represented the ‘Rebirth of Korn.’ He also stated that they always left the videos to the directors because it was their area of expertise. In this case, Saccenti took the song as the band’s rebirth and presented it in such a video.

Here are Davis’ opinions on the music video:

“I love the imagery. You have to talk to Tim, the director, where he’s going with it was like this rebirth of Korn and all the crazy babies, and all that stuff going on. For videos, since day one, we’ve left up the videos to the directors. That’s what they do. We make music. So, it’s how they interpret the song and present it. We go: ‘Yeah that’ll be cool.'”

You can watch the entire interview and the ‘Start the Healing’ music video below.