Jon Bon Jovi’s Net Worth After The Bon Jovi Album That Made Him A Millionaire

Jon Bon Jovi knew from a young age that music would help him live the life he wanted. After realizing his passion for becoming a professional musician, the singer started learning to play the guitar. He began performing with his first band, Raze, just at the age of 13. Jon entirely devoted himself to music from then on and believed that his dream to become a worldwide-known rock star would come true one day.

In later years, the musician kept performing in various clubs and opening for local acts with bands like Atlantic City Expressway, the Rest, John Bongiovi, and the Wild Ones. In 1980, Bon Jovi recorded his first single, ‘Runaway,’ at the Power Station studio in New York City. Then, the track began getting frequent airplay on local radio stations.

The success of ‘Runaway’ encouraged Jon to take a step further and put together a band since working with session musicians wouldn’t be enough if he wanted to achieve more. So, this was how the founding members of Bon Jovi, David Bryan, Alec John Such, Tico Torres, and Richie Sambora, came together. Jon Bon Jovi’s musical journey, which would be full of achievements and bring incredible fortune, began.

How Much Is Jon Bon Jovi’s Net Worth?

Since its inception in 1983, Bon Jovi has released fifteen studio albums and become one of the best-selling American rock acts, with more than 120 million records worldwide. They gave hundreds of sold-out concerts to huge crowds who have supported them unconditionally for years. Besides his work with the band, Jon Bon Jovi also released two solo studio records.

The singer earns at least $11 million yearly from his live concerts. However, music has never been the singer’s only source of income. Jon also pursued an acting career during the 1990s and starred in various films and television series. In 2004, the rocker, known for his major interest in sports, founded the Arena Football League’s Philadelphia Soul. Yet, he is no longer part of the team.

Later, Jon also made moves to become the owner of the NFL teams Atlanta Falcons and Buffalo Bills, but he failed. The singer is also very interested in real estate and holds many properties in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. Currently, Bon Jovi’s estimated net worth is $410 million. His music career made the singer one of the richest rock stars of all time, but the band didn’t find immediate success.

The Bon Jovi Album That Became A Financial Turning Point For Jon Bon Jovi

When the founding members and the experienced musicians of Bon Jovi came together in 1983, it didn’t take long for them to get noticed and receive an offer from Mercury Records. The band’s self-titled debut album arrived on January 21, 1984, but it failed to reach the top of the music charts. They still found opportunities to open for notable bands like KISS and Scorpions.

Bon Jovi’s second record, ‘7800° Fahrenheit,’ was released on March 27, 1985. Although it was a slightly more commercially successful album, it didn’t bring Bon Jovi members the breakthrough they eagerly expected. Yet, their third studio effort, ‘Slippery When Wet,’ released on August 18, 1986, finally got them where they wanted.

It was an immediate commercial success, occupying the number 1 spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart for eight weeks. Some of the band’s most famous songs, such as ‘You Give Love a Bad Name,’ ‘Livin’ on a Prayer,’ and ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ were all featured in ‘Slippery When Wet.’ Bon Jovi members became superstars as their long-awaited success came when they embraced a more mainstream sound with this album. Thus, their third record became a financial turning point for Jon Bon Jovi in his journey to becoming a rich rock star.

You can listen to Bon Jovi’s breakthrough album, ‘Slippery When Wet,’ below.