Joel Hoekstra Compares Working With David Coverdale To Cher

Whitesnake guitarist Joel Hoekstra recently joined a conversation with Headbangers Lifestyle and drew a comparison between collaborating with David Coverdale and Cher.

When asked how the larger production and logistical aspects of playing with Cher differed from his experiences in rock gigs, the musician explained:

“There are similarities. I’d say, with Cher, you interact more with the music director, somebody who’s handling the music, because there’s also dancers and this big team of people touring. David Coverdale, he’s, at times, a little bit more just one of the guys, a part of the band. There’s a difference there — not that [Cher] ‘s not a nice person and down to earth, it’s just between the dynamics of the two.”

Insights Into Collaborating With Cher

In a previous statement, he opened up about playing with Cher:

“One of the things I always say — if you just keep an open mind and work hard, sometimes strange things work out in really cool ways. It was a great live experience to work with Cher. It is different to being in a rock band; you’re not on the shirt, you’re not on the album [nor] writing for the album, and, let’s face it, if you’re going to see Cher in concert — you’re going to see Cher; you’re not saying, ‘Hey, I’m gonna see Joel Hoekstra playing guitar for Cher.'”

The Versatility Of Playing With Cher

In an April interview with Guitar Player, the guitarist again compared working with Whitesnake to Cher and shared what playing with Cher contributed to her:

“The Cher gig – that’s not something that I would have envisioned doing when I was a 13-year-old boy with my guitar. But I’m having a blast doing it. You play, like, a million styles on that gig, and it’s obviously a totally different crowd than you’ll get in a Whitesnake show.”

Balancing Tours With Cher And Whitesnake

In the same interview, he also talked about the challenge of managing his commitments with both Cher and Whitesnake. The rocker noted, sharing Cher’s support for him:

“It’s difficult to balance everything. Cher is doing arenas during Whitesnake dates, so I’m subbed out of her shows during that time. She kind of lets me come and go, which has been really nice. So within reason, I’m there whenever I can make it.”

Hoekstra joined Whitesnake as a guitarist in 2014 and contributed to ‘The Purple Album’ in 2015, which featured new versions of songs from Coverdale’s time with Deep Purple. He also appeared in several music videos for Whitesnake and co-wrote several songs. In addition, he also plays with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Cher.