Joe Perry Says Steven Tyler Brought Something Different To Aerosmith Than Him

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry recently gave an interview to VWMusic and admitted that Steven Tyler‘s contributions to the band were somewhat different than his.

Throughout Aerosmith’s career, Joe Perry and his songwriting partner Steven Tyler contributed to the band’s success with their exceptional musical talent. Perry came to the forefront with his distinctive guitar riffs and catchy solos, while Tyler amazed millions with his high-pitched screams and wide vocal range.

However, the pair also saw rock bottom with their heavy drug and alcohol abuse, earning the nickname ‘Toxic Twins.’ Especially in the 1970s, their substance abuse deeply affected their creative process. Despite that, they still managed to achieve success with their releases.

At the end of the decade, Joe Perry left the band due to a heated argument with Tyler and formed his Joe Perry Project. In February 1984, the guitarist rejoined Aerosmith and continued with the band. That year, Aerosmith embarked on a successful comeback tour dubbed the Back In The Saddle Tour.

In a recent interview, VWMusic’s Andrew Daly told Joe Perry about Aerosmith’s musical career in the ’70s and ’80s and asked him which era he relates to most. Perry said he’s connected with pieces of each album and claimed they wouldn’t be successful if they focused on only one style.

Perry also said they wouldn’t capture balance without Steven Tyler’s contributions and sensibility. He then continued revealing his thoughts on his bandmate, saying they wouldn’t have those ballads if he led the band. According to Perry, he and Tyler brought different things to Aerosmith, and Tyler knew more about music.

Speaking to VWMusic’s Andrew Daly, Joe Perry said the following:

“I think it’s more like bits and pieces of each album. I mean, certain things strike home with me for the kind of music that I like, but if we had just stuck to one kind of music, I don’t think we would have been as able to do what we did. With Steven Tyler and what he brings to the table with his sensibilities, I don’t think we would have been as balanced as we were if we had stuck to only those things.

I guess if it had been up to me, we wouldn’t have done as many ballads as we did, but that was part of the whole thing. Steven and I brought different things to the party, and I mean, all I wanted to do was turn up and rock, but Steven had been in the studio, and maybe he knew more about music overall, per se. I learned a lot from him, but he also learned a lot from me, creating certain energy.”

So, although they were dubbed the Toxic Twins, or frenemies, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry learned many things from each other. Besides, they contributed to the group’s musical efforts in different ways, enabling them to make Aerosmith one of the most successful rock bands.