Joe Bonamassa Reacts To Hollywood Strike By Comparing It To Musicians’ Struggles

Joe Bonamassa recently expressed his frustration about Hollywood actors and movies and compared it to musicians’ struggles for the past years. The guitarist shared a series of tweets and addressed the matter. His first tweet read:

“Actors and writers in Hollywood just woke up this morning and fully realized what musicians have been living through and dealing with for the past 15 years.”

Later, the guitarist received a reply inquiring about ‘making a million dollars and living a privileged lifestyle’. In response, he mentioned how much money musicians make off of streams and explained:

“There is one in every crowd. Let me explain. TV and Movie syndication is equivalent to terrestrial radio play. It generates residuals that artist live on. Streaming pays a mere fraction of what it used to be. In our case .005 percent of a penny per stream.”

The same person that replied earlier shared another tweet, claiming that actors’ average salary ranges from $55,000 to $80,000. Bonamassa’s response to the tweet read:

“This, I agree with this. I am friends with actors who work very hard to pull that kind of money in per year. That does not go very far in the city of Los Angeles, Vancouver, Atlanta, New York or even Albuquerque. Les’s agents fees, taxes and you are waiting tables to supplement.”

Some people also complained about the use of AI in both the music and film industries, claiming AI to be taking over people’s jobs. Similarly, a few revealed their experiences in the music industry.

See the tweets below.