Iggy Pop Admits He Once Thought His Life Was In Danger

Substance consumption comes with the whole ‘being a rock star’ starter pack, but at times, it might lead to rather unpleasant encounters, such as when Iggy Pop run into a gorilla, only to realize it’s not an actual gorilla. However, the rocker admitted that he had felt in danger since he didn’t know who was behind the costume, as he disclosed to Mojo. Yet, it turned out that it was just another rock icon messing with Pop.

So, when Iggy was under the influence of a considerable amount of drugs he had used the night before, he came across someone wearing a gorilla costume. Though at first, he didn’t think much of it, he then realized that he could be in danger as whoever was in the huge costume would be easily able to hurt him.

“I was really out of it,” Iggy said. “I’d done too much on the downside the night before, so I had to be injected madly to get to the point where I could just barely stand up straight and hold the mic. And then I saw this gorilla. I realized it wasn’t a real gorilla, but anyone who puts on a gorilla suit looks huge.”

As Pop realized that it could easily hurt and kill him, the rocker became worried. However, the person in the costume was none other than Elton John, just messing with him. Iggy recalled, “You don’t know who’s in there [in the costume]. He [John] just picked me up for a little bit and gave me a little carry-around. It was very funny.”

So, the pros of being a rock star might be having excessive publicity, wealth, and getting Elton John to carry you around in a gorilla costume. However, there are still numerous cons of being a rock star, like drug addiction and being so out of it only to stand up barely.