Genesis’ Nic Collins Says It Was Hard For His Father Phil Collins Not Being Able To Play Drums

Genesis’ current drummer and Phil Collins son Nic Collins recently spoke about his father’s health issues and how disappointing it is for him not to play drums anymore.

In 2009, the singer and drummer underwent surgery on his upper neck to fix a dislocated vertebrae. This surgery had an awful after effect where he lost feeling in his fingers. Not being able to hold a drumstick, he patiently waited to recover. However, the problems with the nerves on his hands lasted for years, and in 2016, he wasn’t able to play the drums like he used to.

This saddened his fans and family because he considered sitting on the drum stool as sitting on his throne. However, these unlucky events didn’t stop him from taking the stage with his band. He recently faced more problems due to diabetes, and since 2017, he has been assisted by canes and is sitting on a chair while he is on stage singing with Genesis. Meanwhile, the band replaced him on drums with Nic Collins, Phil’s son.

Nic recently talked about how disappointing it was for his father to quit drums. He stated that Phil knew that even if he sat on drums today, he wouldn’t perform like he used to, but his son still loves seeing him and being with him on stage. Especially with his bandmates for over 50 years.

Here is what Nic said about Phil:

“Obviously my had surgery on his neck or back and fucked his foot up. I wish that didn’t happen. I wish that he could still play. We tried running a few songs where he could play. He just didn’t… The thing that was hard for him is that he used to sit down on the drum set, and that was like his kingdom. He went there, and he was the man. So, I think not being necessarily able to play like he used to is hard for him. I think it’s a bit tongue in cheek because I keep doing the tambourine dance because obviously, he can’t do the acrobatic that they used to do. There’s definitely that comedy side of it, and I just think that he knows that was an iconic part.

I think if he was trying to play the drums, he would know he wasn’t what he used to be. So it’s more for him to do it in this kind of different way. It is great to see him enjoying himself and to relate to this music again; he’s been doing this since 1973, so still being able to enjoy doing that has been great to see my dad to that. Not just being on stage with him, seeing him being on stage.

Because I remember he retired, me and all my siblings were like ‘I don’t know what you’re doing man. It’s where you should be, up on stage. That’s where you’re yourself.’ And still, see him doing it. Especially with his bandmates, I think it’s cool that he’s ending it with the people he started, which is a really awesome thing to see.”

Classic Drummer Hall of Fame 2013 inductee Phil Collins has led a great career filled with accomplishments with his band Genesis. As a solo artist, he has sung and released records proving that his talents are not limited to drumming. Unfortunately, he had to give up the drumming part of his life after he started to have several health issues but apparently, it is still nice for his loved ones to see him onstage.