Genesis Guitarist Responds To Concerns About Phil Collins’ Health

Genesis guitarist Mike Rutherford opened up about singer/drummer Phil Collins’s current health status during his recent interview with USA Today. Also, the band’s keyboardist Tony Banks shared how they adapted to Collins’ situation during their The Last Domino? Tour.

As you probably know, Phil Collins has been struggling with several serious health issues for the last ten years. He underwent surgery for the dislocated vertebrae in his upper neck, but he was unable to use his fingers after the operation. Also, Collins had a spine operation because of his undiagnosed nerve problem. Following these diseases, he started using a cane while walking, and he has been performing Genesis concerts in his wheelchair.

His bandmate Tony Banks highlighted that they didn’t have any problem with Collins sitting on a wheelchair during The Last Domino? Tour, that started on September 20, 2021, in Birmingham and will end on March 26, 2022, in London. Banks stated that they made some arrangements to make Collins’ situation unnoticeable. However, their longtime fans continued to be worried about the Genesis singer/drummer’s health problems.

Mike Rutherford clarified Phil Collins’ current health status saying that he is doing very well and has been performing excellent shows despite the challenges. The guitarist added that he was diagnosed with COVID-19, but Collins was perfectly healthy. Also, Rutherford confronted their worried fans by promising that everyone will be satisfied when they watch the frontman’s performance in their upcoming concerts.

Rutherford said in his interview that:

He’s done well. Funny enough, we almost got through the European tour, and I got COVID, but Phil was perfect. He’s doing fine. When you see the show, he definitely holds the crowd.”

Tony Banks added:

“We spent a lot of time thinking about the vocals and slightly changed the emphasis of the set so it’s a bit less instrumental. Nic really plugs the gap very well, and the visuals work in a way that a seated Phil isn’t as noticeable.

Therefore it can be said that Phil Collins will continue performing as Genesis’ frontman even though he has been through hard times due to his ongoing health problems. His bandmates have been supporting Collins by doing whatever they can during this challenging process.