Gene Simmons Says ‘Lady Gaga Is The New Rock Star’

KISS bassist Gene Simmons shared his ideas about Lady Gaga by praising her extraordinary talent as a vocalist and songwriter who can produce works in different genres, and he defined her as ‘the next rock star’ during his recent interview with US Weekly.

As you probably know, many rock and metal legends such as Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, Metallica’s James Hetfield, and Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale have described Lady Gaga as a very creative, fearless, and talented musician. Also, they stated that they could collaborate with Gaga for different projects.

Therefore it can be said that Lady Gaga has gained the respect and appreciation of many musicians with the help of her iconic works and looks. Gene Simmons recently highlighted that Lady Gaga is the future of rock music as a multitalented artist who has a talent for playing, singing, and writing even though she is regarded as a pop singer.

In addition, Simmons said that Lady Gaga is the new rock star because she can sing pop, blues, and rock. According to Simmons, she is one of the few artists who can be a next-generation rock star by showing her performance with Tony Bennett, singing ‘Shallow,’ and songwriting skills as proof. He stated that he would like to watch Gaga with her own rock band soon.

Simmons stated in his interview that:

“The new artists have that thing. When she first starts, I said Gaga is the next rock star. I’m not a fan of the disco boys on the poles and the sort of disco stuff of it. She’s got the depth to sing with Tony Bennett which she did a chanteuse. She’s got the depth, listen to her sing ‘Shallow.’ She also did Edith Piaf, the classic French actress. I want to see Gaga with a rock band in the back of her rocking out because she’s got the goods.

I love all the Selena Gomez’s and all that kind of stuff wouldn’t be able to hold up a rock band. Gaga’s got the goods and her versatility, you know who else had, Amy Winehouse. Undeniable… Blues, rock, singing with Tony Bennett, she did all of them. She just takes your breath away with those deep lyrics and all melodies. I can’t sing, but you’re talking about those two voices.”

You can watch the interview below.