Eric Clapton’s Secret To His Uniqueness In Guitar

There are many aspects to Eric Clapton‘s applauded guitar playing that have made him one of the most important and influential guitarists of all time. Many critics and magazines have credited the musician for his influence on recording and guitar-playing techniques. Apart from his unique methods, Clapton has been particularly praised for his distinctive guitar playing style.

According to many, his tone, appropriate speed, attitude while playing, and adaptability to different genres make the guitarist memorable and recognizable among many other musicians. While many agree that Clapton has several tricks up in his sleeve, from fingerpicking to blues-influenced depth, the musician himself once pointed out one lucky aspect of his career that let him create his style. Let’s travel back in time to see what the only three-time inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame had to say about his extraordinary sound.

Eric Clapton Named The Secret To His Unique Style

During an interview back in 1989, Eric Clapton was asked about his distinctive guitar style that allows his fans to recognize his songs wherever they hear them. According to the musician, one of the most significant factors that contributed to creating his distinctive tone occurred when he first started making music.

Clapton explained this by saying that there weren’t many guitar players during the early days of his career except for icons like Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and Jimi Hendrix. This absence of various styles allowed him to form his sound quickly. He admitted feeling the same way about guitar players like Stevie Ray Vaughen and Jeff Beck, who have particular and distinctive guitar playing styles.

Clapton’s statement about his style follows:

“When I started out, there weren’t that many other guitar players. So, I had to form my own style very quickly. When I became more popular when I was in my early 20s, there really weren’t that many other guitar players around that were any good. There were just a few like Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, the obviously Jimi Hendrix.

Then time passed, and now we’ve got the situation where everyone on the block has got a guitar, and they play. A lot of them sound the same, but I guess what you’re saying, I would still feel the same about Stevie Ray Vaughan or Jeff Beck. I can tell those guys. I’m sure most people can because they developed this style over years and years.”

You can check out the interview below.