Elton John Names The Sole Man Thriving In A Female-Dominated Rock Scene

Elton John guested on Music Week to discuss the new artists that excite him. In the interview, the singer revealed how he came across this new music and was impressed by it. John described the new music as a ‘surprise’ and shared his current favorite bands and musicians, including many newer and younger names from the scene.

Naming all-female bands, he claimed that ‘none of the boys are doing the best music,’ except for one young musician. He revealed the name of the musician and said:

“It’s so great to see the Nova Twins, Wet Leg, Let’s Eat Grandma, all these girls, making the best music. Apart from Sam Fender, none of the boys are doing it; the girls are doing it.”

John then shared why it gives him joy to listen to the younger generation’s music more. He continued:

“It’s such a breath of fresh air because it’s come from innocence and pure joy, and for me, that’s what music is about, when you get people in a young stage of their career who are just doing what they love, it’s so beautiful.”

It is evident that John started to get into newer music. In another interview, he shared his thoughts on recent years’ music. The singer named Nova Twins and said they ‘rocked his world.’

Sam Fender also shared his thoughts on Elton John and revealed he helped him through his most challenging times since his music career took off. Fender also revealed to have turned down John’s offer of collaborating with him, claiming that he needed to stay focused on what he was finishing.

The two even performed together. In 2020, Fender and John shared the stage at John’s post-Oscars party. See the short video of the performance below.