Doug Aldrich Recalls David Coverdale Not Giving Him Freedom In Whitesnake

Doug Aldrich made a name for himself by presenting his guitar skills in notable bands like Dio, Lion, Hurricane, and Whitesnake. During his time in Whitesnake between 2002 and 2014, he spent considerable time with David Coverdale writing most of the band’s songs. However, the guitarist disclosed that Coverdale struggled to give him creative freedom while speaking to Andrew DiCecco of VWMusic.

He didn’t at the beginning,” Aldrich replied when asked whether the Whitesnake frontman gave him freedom during his early days with the band. “He wanted to play the hits on a couple of tours and started the band back up. I had gone and filled in with Dio in 2005 on some stuff – I went back with Dio – and David said, ‘Look, make sure you come back home. Don’t stay with Ronnie.’”

The guitarist continued, “And I just told him right then, ‘Look, if we’re gonna move this band forward, we gotta come up with some brand new Whitesnake music.’ So, he said, ‘I don’t know when it’s gonna be, but you and I will be in the studio at some point. I can see it.’” So, although Coverdale preferred performing the Whitesnake hits rather than working on new songs in the first place, he changed his mind after a conversation with Doug.

“And I just took that as, ‘Okay, I’ll start writing,’ and I’d start presenting David with music here and there, and he started to gravitate towards it and invited me up to write with him in 2006,” stated Aldrich, referring to the first time he and Coverdale started writing together.

Doug Aldrich then added, “I guess it was 2007, we had a great run of songwriting sessions, and we put together an album called ‘Good to be Bad.’ It was just in the beginning he didn’t really – I think he was burnt of the music industry as a whole – and once we started putting out albums, he started getting back into it, I guess.”

Thus, David Coverdale was finally convinced to create some new Whitesnake tracks. The band’s tenth studio album, ‘Good to be Bad’ dropped in 2008, marking Whitesnake’s first original material since ‘Restless Heart’ of 1997. The following record, ‘Forevermore,’ also arrived three years later in 2011. Coverdale and Doug Aldrich co-wrote all tracks in two albums.