Dee Snider Says He Doesn’t Have Sympathy For The Bands Who Couldn’t Get Original Members

Twisted Sister icon Dee Snider recently answered his fans’ questions and admitted he doesn’t sympathize with bands that couldn’t reunite with their original members.

Throughout their music careers, many bands went under several lineup changes. At some point, their fans expect them to have a reunion, or the bands themselves want to return to their roots. As a result, the original lineup comes together, performs a reunion show, or issues a new release.

However, these lineup changes sometimes occur after a heated argument or internal issues. These end up causing long-lasting feuds and bad blood between band members. Due to that, a reunion of the original lineup might not occur. Nevertheless, things were pretty different with Twisted Sister.

The classic lineup of Twisted Sister consisted of Dee Snider, Jay Jay French, Eddie Ojeda, Mark Mendoza, and A. J. Pero. In 2003, when Twisted Sister reunited for Sweden Rock Festival, Mendoza rejoined them on stage and performed with the band. However, there was something weird going on during that show.

In a recent tweet, one of Snider’s fans recalled that show and said the rocker was bragging about the original lineup still being together, although Mendoza brought a gun to the reunion show. When Snider retweeted this, another fan asked about the details. Snider then explained what happened during the show and said he doesn’t have sympathy for bands that claim they couldn’t get the original lineup together due to issues between them.

One of his fans tweeted Dee Snider the following:

“I still remember you bragging that the entire original band was still together despite one of the band members bringing a gun to your previous reunion. It was a huge metal festival, and you were one of the most memorable parts of it.”

Snider quoted this tweet and said:

“True story.”

Another fan asked:

“What’s the story about the gun?”

The rocker then explained:

“First reunion rehearsal for Twisted Sister, Mark ‘The Animal’ Mendoza took out a 45, put it on top of his amp, then strapped on his bass. So I don’t have a lot of sympathy for bands that say they couldn’t get the original guys back together because ‘they have problems.'”

You can see the tweets below.