David Draiman Blames Mark Ruffalo For Fueling Tensions Against Israel

David Draiman of Disturbed recently slammed Mark Ruffalo for ‘picking a side’ in the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict on X.

Draiman called out the ‘Shutter Island’ actor after he tweeted about how ‘grief-stricken’ he was for the tragedies in the Gaza Strip and Israel. Ruffalo wrote:

“Concerning the tragic events unfolding in Israel and Gaza, I am grief-stricken for the unspeakable suffering and loss of life of life and loved ones.”

The actor then carried on by pleading for peace in the region:

“This horrific violence must end. I have no answers obviously, but I feel it is absolutely necessary to focus on our shared human existence and reality. The sanctity of our common humanity will hopefully serve to heal the unimaginable wounds of division.”

The Disturbed frontman, however, accused Ruffalo of picking a side against Israel, claiming that the ‘Hulk’ actor had previously taken a stance against the country. The rocker tweeted:

“You share some of the blame, a**hole. You’ve been on an Israeli demonization mission for the past decade. Maybe, shut the f*ck up and sit the f*ck down.”

David had also previously accused Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters of anti-semitism following the bassist’s alleged remarks and stance against Israel.

He also isn’t the only rocker who’d been vocal about the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. You can check out here to read why Ted Nugent believes the current ‘war’ in Israel and Gaza might be the U.S.’s future.

Check out the tweets down below.