David Crosby Says Pop Music Is Shallow And Generally Uninventive

CSNY legend David Crosby recently took his official Twitter account and answered one of his fans’ questions regarding his opinions on pop music. Crosby is not a fan of the genre since he said it’s dull and overproduced.

The first acts of pop music go back to earlier periods, but its popularity grew more and more, especially during the ’80s and the ’90s. The genre has evolved over the years and represents much more than a catchy melody. However, there are still some ongoing debates about the quality of pop songs among critics and music lovers.

It is still an influential genre, but pop songs are also accepted in the category of guilty pleasures by many. David Crosby stepped into the issue when a fan asked his opinion about the Bee Gees. The singer defined the band as a pop act but also gave their credit for at least being able to sing. Then, following his answer, another fan asked whether he thinks pop music is terrible.

Crosby wrote as an answer that he wouldn’t define the genre as bad. However, he still finds it ‘shallow,’ ‘uninventive,’ and ‘dull.’ Apparently, he agrees with the widespread criticism of the genre regarding its simple formula. David Crosby also slammed the pop lyrics and said they are overproduced, so the genre doesn’t reveal anything new. However, he also accepts that there is still some good music, even if it is rare.

The user’s question to David Crosby:

“What is bad about pop music, David?”

His reply is as follows:

“Bad isn’t the word, really. It’s shallow and generally uninventive and pretty dull, especially the lyrics, usually overproduced, but every once in a while, it is very good.”

You can check out the tweets below.