David Crosby Has An Expectation From David Gilmour

The semi-retired musician David Crosby recently posted a tweet on his official Twitter account to reveal whether he would like to work with David Gilmour again.

You might know that David Crosby and Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour collaborated on Gilmour’s third studio album named ‘On An Island’ which was released in 2006. Crosby and Graham Nash were the backing vocalists on two songs of Gilmour’s record which was released on his 60th birthday.

Recently, Crosby responded to a fan who stated that he decided a few years ago that the CSNY reunion would be a disappointment compared to David Crosby’s current work. The Byrds and CSNY co-founder responded to the question by saying if he and his former bandmates liked each other, they would still be capable to blow fans’ minds. He said that although they have created great music, CSNY is done forever and it’s not possible to reunite again.

Today, David responded to one of his other followers through his official Twitter account who said he would love to see him work with David Gilmour again. Crosby penned a simple and plain message saying he would like to do something new with the Pink Floyd frontman as well.

A follower of Crosby wrote this:

“I would love to see you work with David Gilmour again.”

David responded saying:

“Me too.”

You can check out the tweets below.