Dave Mustaine Opens Up About His Abusive Father, ‘It Was Terrible’

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine recently talked about the issues he had with his father to Kerrang!. He confessed that these incidents deeply affected his personality while growing up.

Mustaine had a shaky life when he was young and living with his parents. He obtained habits that were difficult to get rid of and caused issues in his life afterward. As you may remember, Mustaine was fired from Metallica in 1983 when the band decided that they couldn’t control his drug and alcohol abuse and aggressive manners. Apparently, his behavior back then was all his father’s fault.

The rockstar was born in La Mesa, California, and has led a difficult life since his birth. He stated that his parents got divorced as his father drank a lot and abused his mother. His mother became a Jehovah’s Witness, a branch of Christianity that doesn’t believe in most religious rituals except following the Bible. Therefore, he didn’t enjoy a family celebration of Christmas or Easter.

Here is how he started to tell his story:

It was terrible. My dad drank a lot and was abusive, so my parents got divorced when I was young, and it got worse from there. We moved up to Costa Mesa to move in with my aunt, who was a Jehovah’s Witness, and that’s when my mum became one too. They don’t believe in Christmas, birthdays, or holidays. My life was ruined from that point onwards until I moved out.”

This started to affect him as a teenager. It was difficult for him to make friends because of his mother’s pressure with religion. The singer stated that he developed trust issues because of his mother’s oppressive attitude and father’s absence in his life. Furthermore, Dave and his mother had to move every time his father found out where they were living contributed to his trust issues and made it impossible for Mustaine to have long-term friendships.

Here is how he continued with his story:

​”At school, whenever it was time to stand up and do the pledge of allegiance, I had to stand there with my hands by my side, not saying a word. The other kids were all wondering what the hell was wrong with me. I couldn’t have any other friends because they were considered too ​’worldly.’ I was only allowed to have friends from church, most of who lived far away and weren’t the kind of people I’d generally mix with. They weren’t even my fuckin’ age.

Whenever it was a new school year, I would see my dad just to get money for the clothes and supplies. Then I wouldn’t see him until the next one. Later on, whenever he found out where we were living, we would move. That would change you. It makes you not trust people. You can’t let anyone in because in a few weeks dad will come, and you’ll be gone.”

Mustaine didn’t really reach freedom until he left home and started to make music. His first band, Panic disbanded after its drummer Mike Leftwych died in a car crash. After Panic, he was recruited to Metallica and fired in two years, but he finally settled when he co-founded Megadeth and reached musical success with the band.