Dave Grohl Shares The Reason He Quit Drumming After Kurt Cobain’s Death


In his recent interview, Dave Grohl recalled his time in Nirvana and the way he dealt with Kurt Cobain’s death. He admitted that he quit drumming after the tragic event because it reminded him of Cobain, and he didn’t want that to happen during his performances.

After Cobain died in 1994, Nirvana disbanded, making it evident that they couldn’t continue after the death of their beloved frontman. Then, drummer Dave Grohl formed Foo Fighters and decided to heal himself through music. As you know, Foo Fighters is now considered one of the most popular bands in the rock and roll world.

Initially, it wasn’t that clear why Grohl wanted to start over and form a new band instead of joining another as a drummer. In his recent interview, he revealed that he was asked to play for several bands, but he rejected them all. Sitting in that stool would only give him flashbacks of seeing Cobain’s head on his right corner, which he referred to as a ‘sunspot.’

Dave Grohl’s words on how he processed Kurt Cobain’s passing follow:

“After Nirvana ended, I was asked to join a few other bands as the drummer, and I didn’t really want to just sit back down on the drum stool, because I thought it would remind me too much of losing Kurt and losing Nirvana. So it’s almost like if you stare at the sun, you wind up blinding this little sunspot in your vision. I almost thought of it, like, that perspective from the drum set. I will always have that sunspot right there in front of me, just to the right. That will be there forever.”

He continued to state that he wanted the challenge of creating his own band from scratch. He wanted to try out new things rather than just keep drumming, and even though he wasn’t confident that he would succeed, he wasn’t afraid to dive in and see what came up.

Here is why Grohl wanted to try forming his own band:

“Also, having never done it before, I looked at it as a challenge. People don’t bungee jump because they know they’re going to make it to the ground safely. I didn’t start to be the lead singer of the Foo Fighters because I thought I was Freddie Mercury from Queen. I’m like, ‘Oh God, I’ve never done this before. Let’s see what happens.’ I’m that guy. I’m like, ‘Screw it. Let’s try it! Who cares?’

His bandmate’s death affected the Foo Fighters frontman intensely. After hearing the news, he took a trip to the Ring of Kerry in Ireland to get his head together. However, after seeing a hiker wearing a t-shirt with Cobain’s face on it, he decided to return and continue making music.

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