Dave Grohl Might Have Replaced Taylor Hawkins In Foo Fighters, Justin Hawkins Explains

The rock world has been abuzz with speculation since the Foo Fighters teased their newest single on social media. The burning question on everyone’s mind: who’s handling the drum kit following the untimely passing of the band’s beloved drummer, Taylor Hawkins? Could it be Dave Grohl? Enter Justin Hawkins, frontman of The Darkness, who offered his thoughts on the mystery drummer during a recent episode of his show, ‘Justin Hawkins Rides Again.’

Hawkins shared his thoughts on the Foo Fighters’ lead single, ‘Rescued,’ from their upcoming 11th album, which he believes is a heartfelt tribute to their late drummer, Taylor Hawkins. The drummer passed away suddenly last March at the age of 50. He was found unresponsive in his hotel room in Bogotá, Colombia, during the band’s South American tour, and ever since then, the band has been left with a missing piece.

‘Rescued’ perfectly captures the essence of trying to move on after a tragedy and needing a ‘rescue’ of sorts. In Justin’s view, the drumming on the track might just be the work of Grohl himself, the Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer; as it was described in the press release, Dave is the one to channel the naivety of Foo Fighters’ 1995 debut, right?

Justin Hawkins’ words about the new Foo Fighters track that Dave Grohl might be the drummer on read:

“Dave Grohl deals in iconic feels, and I know some of it’s almost like disco in its simplicity and groove, but this stuff is like, I suppose the fields are linear, you know, like that’s it’s rather than stuff that’s played at the same time is linear so that’s like the difference between parallel and serial I suppose it’s like these are like serial feels those ones for me are always the most iconic because you can hear every drum in its own right as it’s being struck I think it’s one of the things that Dave Grohl does in his sleep.”

He added:

“So this is something that drummers are going to love listening to because I don’t think any of it sounds like it’s too difficult to play. I mean, it’s difficult to do that stuff well; that’s why I’m inclined to think it might be it might be Dave. I mean, I hate getting drawn into the speculation as to who’s playing the f*cking drums. It doesn’t matter who’s playing the drums. It’s a brilliant jump part, though.

It’s awesome that they came back with something exciting to listen to from a drumming perspective. It says on the press release sonically that it’s channeling the naivety of Foo Fighters’ 1995 debut. I actually concur with that this is what it sounds like; that’s another reason if I were to be drawn into the speculation of who’s playing drums on this, I’d suggest it probably is Dave Grohl because to channel that naivety in that particular way you need the same drummer, don’t you?”

As the countdown to the Foo Fighters’ new album, ‘But Here We Are,’ begins, fans eagerly anticipate the band’s tribute to their late drummer, Taylor Hawkins. The album, set to release on June 2, perfectly describes the band’s determination to continue making music despite the heartache of losing a beloved member. The single ‘Rescued’ and the rest of the album promise to be a bittersweet celebration of Taylor’s memory and the Foo Fighters’ enduring spirit.