Corey Taylor Addresses George Harrison’s Struggle With John Lennon And Paul McCartney To Find His Voice

Slipknot and Stone Tour’s vocalist Corey Taylor recently talked about The Beatles’ George Harrison and said he understands him. The singer further related to Harrison, mainly as Slipknot’s vocalist instead of Stone Sour’s.

Paul McCartney and George Harrison were childhood friends before they became members of the biggest rock band in history. Their relationship surpassed their professional partnership, but this didn’t prevent problems from arising. The Beatles’ feuds and their relationships with each other brought their end after being active for only ten years.

George Harrison was regarded as the little brother in the band, which allowed the others not to take him seriously. After their break-up, Lennon’s wife Yoko, Starr, and Harrison sued McCartney for earning more money from their songs than the rest did. The hierarchical battle lasted for a long time, turning the duo’s special childhood friendship into a relationship filled with tensions.

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor recently talked about this drama and addressed George Harrison’s role in the band. He stated that he relates to the singer without elaborating exactly how. However, he said that even though Harrison was also very talented, he didn’t fit in the band next to names like Lennon and McCartney. Taylor expressed his admiration towards his determination to fit in and called his efforts ‘fascinating.’

Here are Corey Taylor’s words:

“Being in a band with people for multiple years, I understand how dynamic works, so I can watch that with a certain savvy about how that plays out dynamic-wise, emotionally. Knowing that, especially from George’s point of view, who’s such a great writer, but then you get in a circle, and you’ve got John Lennon and Paul McCartney, it’s, like, where do you fit?

So, watching him fight with that and try to kind of find his voice and find out who fits in with that whole thing, it’s fascinating. And knowing how that feels, especially in Slipknot — not so much in Stone Tour but in Slipknot — I could relate to that in so many different ways. And then watching them get stoked when something would pop.

Especially watching Paul figure out ‘Get Back’ and watching that happen was so cool, dude. Because I’ve done it — I’ve sat there and just twisted on a riff until the melody line comes to mind, and just playing it and exhausting every avenue. If you wanna know how to write a song, there’s your blueprint right there. It’s just that easy.”

You can watch Taylor’s interview below.