Carmine Appice Reveals The Bassist Who Recorded Nikki Sixx’s Parts

Carmine Appice has publicly backed a previously anonymous claim alleging that Nikki Sixx’s bass parts on Mötley Crüe albums were not performed by the rockstar himself. This revelation has provoked a wave of discussion, particularly following Appice’s recent statement on his Twitter account.

Confirming that a session musician was behind the bassist’s work with Crüe, the drummer wrote:

“I rest my case regarding Nikki Sixx… Carol Kaye.”

The speculations about Sixx first surfaced when Mick Mars took legal action against him and the band, claiming that pre-recorded tracks were used for live shows. It became heated following a recent Talk Is Jericho podcast interview with the band’s producer, Bob Rock.

During this chat, Rock spoke about the creation of ‘Dr. Feelgood’ and shared some interesting insights into the recording process by saying:

“I’ve got to tell you a story about Nikki Sixx. This is funny. So, [while we were making] ‘Dr. Feelgood’, [Nikki] says to me; he goes, ‘I don’t think I ever played on any of the Mötley Crüe records. I think somebody came in at night and replaced all my parts.’ He says, ‘So I don’t really know how to play bass.’ And I said, ‘Too bad. You’re playing bass on it.’ So I worked with him through ‘Dr. Feelgood’, did a lot of edits and made him play every note. “

However, after his comments sparked reactions, the producer clarified his stance with another public statement:

At no time did I ever actually think Nikki didn’t play bass on Mötley Crüe’s records. He’s one of the most unique and talented players in the world, and his approach to the instrument is part of what has made Mötley Crüe great throughout the years.”

Amid the controversy, like Bob Rock, John 5 stood by Sixx. He viewed the claims about his bandmate’s parts as compliments rather than criticisms and chose to support him, standing against Appice and Mars’ accusations.