Carmine Appice Recalls Insulting David Lee Roth, ‘That Was The End Of The Band’

Legendary drummer Carmine Appice joined Indie Power TV for an interview during which he remembered the time he insulted David Lee Roth. According to the drummer, this was the end of the band.

Carmine Appice is a talented drummer and percussionist who is mostly known for his work with Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, and Rod Stewart. Throughout his musical career which spanned over 50 decades, Appice also lent his drum skills to numerous musicians.

Author of a best-selling drum instruction book ‘The Realistic Rock Drum Method,’ Carmine Appice is cited as a great influence on later rock drummers including Queen’s Roger Taylor, Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee, Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham, and more.

A great contributor to the rock music scene, Carmine Appice’s path also crossed with Van Halen’s David Lee Roth one time. According to what the drummer told Indie Power TV, he was actually friends with all of Van Halen members. During the interview, Appice recalled the time when he encountered Roth.

Appice told Indie Power Tv that he once insulted Roth without knowing it. The drummer said that Roth once came to a rehearsal wearing an outfit that looked like a pajama set. He then stated he asked Roth whether it was made out of the Holiday Inn bedspread and curtain set. Moreover, Appice jokingly added that this was the end of the band.

Asked whether he was friends with Van Halen members, Carmine Appice said:

“I was friends with all of ’em — including Michael Anthony and David Lee Roth. I insulted Roth, not knowing it. When he came to the rehearsal wearing this outfit, it looked like a pajama set. It looked like it was made out of the Holiday Inn bedspread and curtain set. So I said that. I said, ‘Is that the Holiday Inn? Did you take the Holiday Inn curtain and bedspread and make an outfit?’ And he got insulted. That was the end of the band. [Laughs] It was funny.”

You can watch the full interview below.