Bruce Springsteen Guitarist Reacts To A Fan Saying ‘David Lee Roth Is A Terrible Singer’

The guitarist and mandolin player of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, Stevie Van Zandt or Little Steven, recently responded to a user’s message through his Twitter account and revealed his thoughts about Van Halen’s Roth era.

As you know, one of the disputes that have never been resolved and will always be a matter of discussion is whether Van Halen was more successful with their original lead vocalist David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar who replaced the former in 1985.

While some Van Halen fans argue that David Lee Roth was the right frontman for the band due to his energetic and eccentric live performances, others claim that the band reached worldwide success during the ‘Van Hagar era.’

Recently, a Twitter user responded to Little Steven’s tweet and said that although Eddie was really talented, David Lee Roth was a ‘terrible singer.’ Stevie responded by saying that ‘Eddie and David were perfect together,’ and that it was during the Roth era that ‘Van Halen kicked the door open for the entire MTV Hard Rock/Hair Metal ’80s’ and had 15 bands following their footsteps.

Here’s what a Twitter user said:

“As talented as Eddie was Van Halen had a lot to be desired. David Lee was a terrible singer.”

To which Stevie Van Zandt responded:

“I disagree. Eddie and David were perfect together. Van Halen kicked the door open for the entire MTV Hard Rock/Hair Metal ’80s. 15 bands followed and all the guitar players played like Eddie and all the singers acted like Dave and they were all hits! The last of the glory days.”

You can check out the tweets below.