Bruce Dickinson Exposes Being Ripped Off While He Was Busy With Iron Maiden

In a new exclusive chat with The Mirror, Bruce Dickinson talked about getting cheated while busy with Iron Maiden.

The Iron Maiden singer spoke about his airplane repair company, Caerdav, saying:

“I won’t go into the gory details, but it was a money pit for a long time. One of the reasons for that is that I was so busy working, trying to put money into it, that I wasn’t there long enough to make sure that people weren’t ripping me off. Anyway, I finally got much more focused on it, because it was costing a small fortune, and we turned it around.”

Dickinson is earning £400,000 each month from his company, He’s been running it since 2012. According to Companies House, he holds 13 directorships. The rocker revealed they are busy until the end of 2026.

Dickinson Doesn’t Want To Fly Anymore

In January 2022, the vocalist decided to stop flying the band’s Boeing 747, called Ed Force One. He’d been responsible for flying the band, crew, and gear during tours for more than ten years. He also recently gave up flying altogether. He discussed the reason behind it in a conversation with Record Collector:

 “I don’t want to make Leana [Dolci, his wife] a widow before her time. My appetite for doing dangerous things when you have people that rely on you is not what it was.”

He Also Trains Other Pilots

In January 2024, Bruce also shared that being a trainer rather than a pilot was more suitable for him:

“I became a trainer and I was a ground school trainer. I was the chief technical pilot, the 757, 737. So, I was training other pilots. I was in the simulator doing stuff. And the learning makes it interesting. But I could see there was this cutoff point where people would go either ‘I want everything to be ‘Groundhog Day,’ and that makes me really happy’ or ‘there’s more to life than just doing this.'”

During the same chat, Dickinson also talked about the toll of flying and retirement. He said some pilots struggle after retiring, and many pass away shortly after. Others look for new challenges like training, management roles, or other career paths as he did.