Bring Me The Horizon Face Backlash Over ‘Killing Jesus’ Campaign

Bring Me The Horizon fans blasted the band on social media over their ‘Jesus’ remarks.

An X post on April 20 about the Queensland show in Australia included a controversial ‘Jesus’ comment:

“NEX GEN presents [Dreamseeker variant] 2024 OST+ A Post Human Study (phase II). If Jesus Christ returns, well just kill that f*cker 2X. What the hell is f*cking wrong with me? I guess there’s no remedy.”

Bring Me The Horizon will take the stage in Australia with Sleep Token, Make Them Suffer, and Daine. The group has been sharing ads for each show. They list the lineup and set times for each city. They’re also promoting the second part of their ‘Post Human’ EP series.

Fan Reactions To The Band’s Post

Lots of people have commented on the post. Some defend the band, while others say they’ve lost a fan forever because of it. One of them said:

“Tell me how to lose a fanbase without telling me how to lose a fanbase…”

Another one also criticized the band:

“I’m never listening to you guys ever again. Disrespectful, distasteful, and when He does come back you’re going to learn a very hard lesson. Dare you to target a different religion.”

One other fan targeted the band’s frontman, Oli Sykes, writing:

“Can’t believe I was so into this band when I was 16. You guys are so talented, yet reduce yourself to this. Oli is such a loser.”

Another individual also found the post inappropriate:

“As both Christian and metalhead, this is beyond insulting.”

The Fans Also Criticized Their Album

BMTH also received backlash from their fans after the release of their fifth studio album, ‘That’s the Spirit.’ The band’s fans found the album less edgy compared to their previous ones. Sykes told the following about the record at the time:

“We’ve obviously changed our sound a lot over the years but we’ve always wanted to go completely left and do something different. But I guess we felt like we were still growing as a band and we had to get people on board with what we do.”

BMTH is getting ready to release ‘Post Human: Nex Gen.’ It is a sequel to 2020’s ‘Post-Human: Survival Horror.’  It will come out in the summer of 2024. They’re also going to perform at festivals like Sick New World in Las Vegas and at European festivals like Poland’s Mystic Festival on June 8.

You can see all the tweets below.