Brian May Talks About The Tragic Tribute Behind His ‘Another World’ Album

Queen guitarist Brian May spoke to BBC 2’s Johnnie Walker and opened up about the creation process of one of his solo studio albums. The guitarist admitted that he went through hard times working on it because of a tragic accident.

Cozy Powell was a very successful drummer who got critical acclaim with his projects with Robert Plant, Whitesnake, The Jeff Beck Group, Gary Moore, and more. Therefore, following playing drums in his first solo record, ‘Back to the Light,’ Powell and May collaborated for his ‘Another World’ album. However, they didn’t know what would happen to the drummer.

Unfortunately, before they completed the record, Powell had passed away due to a tragic car crash on April 5, 1998. His friends and family were devastated by his early and unexpected death; as one of them, it was so hard for May to continue without Powell. However, the guitarist decided to finish, and he released ‘Another World’ on June 1, 1998, in the UK, and on September 15, 1998, in the US.

Brian May emphasized that he dedicated the album to the late drummer following his tragic death during his interview. He shared his ideas about Powell, saying that he was a very optimistic person and had great energy. The Queen guitarist stated that losing such a lovely and unique person was awful. He added that he was still under the effect of Mercury’s death and didn’t have a sense of reality during those times.

May stated in his interview that:

“There is an amazing amount of energy, yeah. It comes from various sources, I think. Part of it comes from me because I’m struggling to get out of what is still a difficult place, having lost Freddie and losing my sense of reality. I had Cozy Powell in the studio for the first part of the album with his enormous input of energy and optimism and his belief in me.

Sadly I didn’t have him for the whole album because he died in a terrible crash halfway through. He had incredible optimism about him, which was just what I needed because I’m a pessimist. I love that guy, and it was awful to lose him. I have dedicated the album to him, as you probably know.”

You can check out the album below.