Brian May On Freddie Mercury’s Sexuality And Race, ‘Nobody Cares’

Queen lead guitarist Brian May opened up about his friend and late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s race and sexual orientation during his latest interview with Mirror. He revealed whether these things were important to the Queen members or not.

Freddie Mercury was born as Farrokh Bulsara in Stone Town, Zanzibar, and his parents Bomi and Jer were Parsi-Indians. However, they couldn’t stay in Zanzibar, and the family had to immigrate to England to say their lives during the revolution against the Sultan of Zanzibar in 1964. The frontman was able to receive a better education and focus on art. Thus, their immigration changed Mercury’s life.

After Mercury gained great popularity as Queen’s frontman and became one of the most successful lead singers of all time, the journalists wanted to find out more details about his private life. Even though he had a relationship with Mary Austin, many claimed that Mercury was gay, while others argued that he should be defined as bisexual.

However, according to Brian May, it’s not reasonable to discuss these things about Freddie Mercury, and it’s a very private matter. May emphasized that they didn’t care about the late frontman’s origin and sexuality because they were brothers, friends, and bandmates. Also, he criticized the people discussing their colleagues’ color, sexual orientation, and other characteristics by describing it as a very frightening situation for society.

May said in his interview that:

“Freddie came from Zanzibar, he wasn’t British, he wasn’t white as such – nobody cares, nobody ever, ever discussed it. He was a musician, he was our friend, he was our brother. We didn’t have to stop and think: ‘Oh, now, should we work with him? Is he the right color? Is he the right sexual proclivity?’ None of that happened, and now I find it frightening that you have to be so calculating about everything.”

Brian May clearly supports equality in every part of life and the famous guitarist thinks that people shouldn’t discriminate against each other because of their race, gender, social class, and sexual orientation. Hopefully, his words will raise more awareness against these issues, and one day people will stop discussing others’ private matters.