Brian May Feels ‘Anger And Disgust’ Over UK’s Prime Minister Candidates

Liz Truss has resigned after her 45 days in office as she failed to boost economic growth. Guess who had something to say about this. Yes, it was Brian May. Recently, May took to his Instagram to express his anger about the UK’s plans to choose the new prime minister after Truss’s resignation.

“This morning, I feel anger and disgust,” said Brian May, expressing his frustration about the candidates for Britain’s prime minister position. “The appalling inexcusable ruination of our country. That’s what all these ‘candidates’ stand for. They are all complicit in this mess which has made us the laughingstock of the world. The people of this country demand their right to choose our next leader. Nothing less than an immediate general election is acceptable.”

He continued, “Even considering reinstating the disgraced alleged liar Boris Johnson is the last straw. The good thing about Liz Truss’s epic failure is that the whole country could now clearly see what the real motives of this bunch are. They care only about themselves and their mates. Liz’s opening moves clearly showed they care nothing about the country, the Planet, or us. We cannot let this bunch of clowns do this to us anymore. They need to be removed and replaced, never to return.”

In his post, Brian May shared a picture of a news article revealing the candidates proposed to replace Liz Truss. The guitarist drew a big red cross on the photo of the candidates and wrote ‘None of the above.’ May believes that UK citizens should be granted the right to choose the next PM, and none of the runners can represent Britain. So, he is also probably displeased with the new PM, Rishi Sunak, as well.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram