Brian May Believes Queen Would’ve Retired Without Adam Lambert After Freddie Mercury

Queen, led by the inimitable Freddie Mercury, were a force to be reckoned with. However, Mercury’s untimely passing in 1991 left the band reeling, wondering how they could continue without their iconic frontman. Enter Adam Lambert, the powerhouse vocalist whose addition to Queen has not only allowed the band to continue but thrive. In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Brian May reflected on the band’s chemistry with Lambert and the incredible journey they’ve had together.

Freddie Mercury was, and still is, an irreplaceable figure in the music world. His charisma, vocal prowess, and stage presence were unmatched, and his loss left a gaping hole in the heart of Queen. For a while, it seemed impossible for the band to go on without him. However, their collaboration with Adam Lambert has breathed new life into Queen, allowing them to continue creating unforgettable experiences for their fans.

In the interview, Brian May discussed how the chemistry between him, Roger Taylor, and Lambert has evolved over time. He emphasized that their connection has grown stronger and more intuitive, allowing them to perform without any restrictions or backing tracks. This organic way of performing has given them the freedom to explore different directions every night, making each performance unique and exhilarating.

May expressed gratitude for the opportunity to continue performing with Queen and acknowledged that it was a privilege to receive such an incredible response from their audience. He also touched on how, as they’ve grown older, they’ve become more forgiving of themselves and their past, seeing every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Regarding Lambert’s addition to the band, May marveled at the serendipity of their collaboration. He emphasized that they didn’t actively seek out a new vocalist or hold auditions; instead, Lambert appeared out of the blue, possessing all the qualities they needed and more. Lambert himself has also referred to their collaboration as ‘fate,’ emphasizing the special bond they share.

When asked whether he feels that he still winds up bringing something new, May replied:

“I do, actually. I think our chemistry is better than it ever was. I mean, Roger and I go back hundreds of years as you bullying out, but with Adam, it, I mean, it was good from the beginning, but it’s now amazing we now have a real empathy on say, a real kind of understanding. There’s a connection, and you probably know we don’t have any clicks or back into anything, so we’re completely free, and we can feel what each other wants to do.

So every night, it’ll go a slightly different way, and I love that the danger of that is brilliant, and we’re pretty organic. Yeah, Adam says we’re more comfortable. Yeah, we all feel more confident, I think. And I think we’re as you get older, you get more forgiving of yourself. You don’t regard things as mistakes. You regard everything as an opportunity.

You get more forgiving of your younger self as well. You think, ‘Okay, I was only young.’ Yeah, but it’s a different feeling. I just think it’s a privilege to be out there and to be able to do that and to get that incredible response from the audience is just the Queen thing has been something amazing for all of us, and it’s a real privilege to have that.”

Then, when the host mentioned Mercury and how they thrived with Lambert, the guitarist said:

“Thank you. Correct, it’s amazing that we didn’t look for him. I always think that. We didn’t advertise; we didn’t audition. I think he just turned up out of the blue, out of heaven, and he had everything that we needed, plus more, and it is truly incredible.”

Brian May believes that without Adam Lambert, Queen would have likely retired after Freddie Mercury’s passing. However, fate intervened, and Lambert’s addition to the band has not only allowed them to continue but thrive, creating unforgettable experiences for their fans and proving that the spirit of Queen is still very much alive. Their story serves as a testament to the power of music and the resilience of a band that continues to captivate audiences around the world.