Billy Morrison: Ozzy Osbourne Can Still Sing

Billy Morrison recently spoke on Loudwire Nights about Ozzy Osbourne’s singing ability.

His new song ‘Crack Cocaine,’ features Osbourne on vocals. It is the first time fans Ozzy performed after his public health issues. Morrison shared:

“The interesting thing about Ozzy and all the health stuff, he was still in the health stuff when he sang that. Just because he’s going through what he’s going through doesn’t mean the guy can’t sing. The guy has an incredible voice. He turns it on when that green light goes on and it’s time to record.”

Ozzy’s Vocal Talent Is Well

The guitarist revealed that his ongoing health battles didn’t affect Ozzy’s voice:

“Ozzy is an icon and he can still sing like everyone wants him to sing … It’s a physical thing that he’s recovering from, but it doesn’t mean his voice is gone. What you hear on ‘Crack Cocaine’ is literally 20 minutes in the vocal booth.”

Ozzy Looks Forward To Returning To The Stage

In early 2023, Osbourne announced he stopped touring due to health reasons. However, he said he has hope for future performances in a new chat with Rolling Stone:

“I would love to, but I can’t stand up right. Maybe I’ll do something one day. I miss it terribly.”

The host then asked if he’d perform a short set if he got into the Rock Hall. Ozzy replied:

“Maybe. We’ll see.”

Over the past four years, the rocker put out two albums, ‘Ordinary Man’ in 2020 and ‘Patient Number 9’ in 2022. Andrew Watt produced both records. Osbourne has Parkinson’s disease, and spine injuries from a quad-bike accident in 2003.

He canceled a European tour with Judas Priest in 2023 after rescheduling three times and couldn’t perform at the Power Trip festival because of health problems. He did shows at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in August 2022 and an NFL halftime show in September 2022.

You can listen to ‘Crack Cocaine’ below.