Ben Bruce Explains How He Used His Negative Feelings To Write New Songs For Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce spoke in a recent interview with Whiplash and talked about his song-writing process before and after being sober.

Ben stated that he didn’t think he could write songs after being sober and admitted that it was a stupid idea to say. According to his experience, Ben felt like he lost his superpowers.

While saying that he was so worried about being in the studio and couldn’t write anything, Ben also realized that all the experiences he had with using drugs are going to be a part of his life forever.

Therefore, Ben took a different approach to the song-writing process and said that he thought about showing the people how to get through those dark times and prove that every person will experience those dark times.

Here is what Ben Bruce said:

“I didn’t think I was gonna have anything interesting to say. It’s so stupid – it sounds ridiculous – but I kind of thought without it, I’d lost my superpowers.

And I was really worried that I was gonna go in the studio and not have anything to write about and not have any way to get anything out that people might wanna listen to.

I was really in a dark place for a very, very long time. And I attributed a lot of those negative feelings to being able to write songs that people can relate to.”

He continued:

“Because people go through shit – life is hard, no matter what age you are. It’s not easy when you’re a kid. People go, ‘I wish I was a kid again.’ It’s not easy for kids, and it’s not easy for adults, and it’s not easy for teens.

Life’s hard, and so I thought, when I was sad, ‘Oh, I’m writing songs they relate to. Everyone’s sad.’ And I was really scared that, once I stopped doing drugs and everything, I wouldn’t be able to write sad songs anymore.

And the thing is I realized very quickly when I was in the studio and I was sober and I wasn’t taking copious amounts of drugs and stuff is that those experiences that I had that made me sad, they never went away – they’re gonna be part of my life forever – but I just have a fresh perspective on them.”

Ben Bruce added:

“Now I can kind of, rather than keep myself in that deep, dark hole, I can look back at those times and reflect on them.

I took a different approach on this record, and I thought, okay, well, maybe I can show people how to get through those dark times, or show people that those dark times are inevitable; they’re gonna happen.

But as corny as it sounds, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. So once I got in there and started writing and realized, I can still write, and I do still have stuff to say, all my worries kind of went away.”

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