Ann Wilson Reacts To Being Declared The ‘Greatest Female Vocalist’ Of All Time

Ahead of her upcoming performance in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on November 28, Ann Wilson joined the ‘The Kenny Aronoff Sessions’ podcast for an interview. During the chat, Aronoff asked her what she thought about Elton John calling her ‘the greatest female vocalist who’s ever lived.’ Wilson replied:

“He’s like one of the singers that I learned off of by listening to him. I think when he gave me that compliment, I thought he was maybe exaggerating just a little. [Laughs] But it meant so much to me. It really did. It just meant so much. Getting little atta boys from your boss, it means a lot.”

Wilson’s Approach To Elton John’s Singing

Wilson mentioned her love for the ‘Rocket Man’ singer in other interviews for her ongoing tour with Tripsitter.

On October 21, the singer and her band headlined Women Who Rock’s benefit at Stage AE in Pittsburgh. Days before that show, the vocalist talked to People magazine and revealed that she warmed up her vocals by singing along to the artists she liked.

Counting Elton John as one of her favorites to sing along to, she explained:

“I usually sing along with Elton John or Emmylou Harris or Lucinda Williams or somebody like that who’s up in my range.”

The Two Singers’ Collaboration

Ann Wilson collaborated with Elton John on musical projects before. The two performed John’s ‘Where To Now St. Peter?’ for Wilson’s 2007 cover album, ‘Hope & Glory.’