Amy Lee Shares The Backstory Of Evanescence Song ‘Bring Me To Life’

During a recent interview with Sonic Seducer, Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee talked about the person who helped her change her life and encouraged her to ‘get to a better place,’ all of which inspired her to write the band’s hit song ‘Bring Me To Life.’

As you know, Evanescence released their highly anticipated fifth studio album The Bitter Truth on March 26 and it is safe to say that it has achieved critical acclaim. It ranked No. 1 on the Billboard Hard Rock, Current Rock Albums, and Current Alternative Albums charts. However, there’s one song that definitely helped Evanescence achieve worldwide fame, and everyone will think of when they hear the band’s name.

Bring Me To Life‘ is often described as the band’s breakthrough and it was the lead single from their debut album Fallen which was released in 2003. The track ranked No. 5 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and was the band’s first U.K. No. 1 single.

During a recent interview, Amy Lee talked about the source of inspiration behind that unforgettable track. Apparently, it was back when she was in a tough place in her life and had a bad relationship. Although she was pretty good at pretending that everything is great, there was one person that saw through it, her current husband Josh Hartzler.

Back then, he was just a friend and a guy she barely knew, but during a dinner with their friends, he was sitting right across from her and he just asked her ‘so, are you happy?‘ which pierced Amy Lee’s heart as it caught her off guard. In the interview, she said that his ability to see through her inspired the lyric ‘How can you see into my eyes, like open doors‘ and encouraged Amy to try and get to a better place.

Here’s what Amy Lee said during the interview:

“I remember what I wrote ‘Bring Me To Life’ about because I wrote it about my current husband before we were married. There was this moment – I was in a tough place and in a bad relationship. And my husband now, Josh, at the time was just a friend and a person that I barely knew; it was maybe the third or fourth time we’d ever met. And we went in to go grab a seat at a restaurant while our friends parked the car.

And we sat across from each other, and he looked at me and he just said, ‘So, are you happy?‘ And it took me so off guard, and I just felt like it pierced my heart, because I felt like I had been pretending really well, and it was, like, somebody could see through me. And then that whole first verse came out of it: ‘How can you see into my eyes, like open doors.’ It really made me feel and recognize the sense of yearning that I had to get to a better place.

And it really kind of set me out on a journey. And it’s amazing that that became the song, the first song that broke us on to the scene and made everyone hear of us because it was about something – I don’t know – something so personal that I was recognizing in my life.”

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