Adam Lambert Explains The Real ‘Gay Agenda’, Saying ‘Don’t Go Down A Dark Path’

Recently, USA Today published an article regarding Adam Lambert’s old and brand-new interviews. Over time, American Idol talked about how he came out in the first place and embraced his queerness. Lambert explained his purpose of hardworking and pointed out that his queerness is a big part of the journey:

“I like not being like everybody else. I like finding my individuality. Queerness in my career has given me a certain amount of purpose and drive to prove that queer people are valid and can be successful and can connect and deserve every opportunity that our straight friends get.”

Idol changed the meaning of the saying ‘gay agenda,’ used mainly by the Anti-LGBTQ community:

“One of the things that I always say is like, it’s not contagious. When they say the gay agenda, which always gets under my skin that they say stuff like that, I think to myself, the only agenda I think I and my community have is to try to help people feel OK to be themselves,” he says. “That’s the agenda. The agenda is you’re OK. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t be miserable. Don’t kill yourself, don’t go down a dark path. There’s a light to what you are and who you are. That’s the agenda.”

Even though it’s already 2023, people still need to explain that they are not trying to force people into the LGBTQ community. The only plan is to create a world where young people wouldn’t feel wrong about their sexuality or their identity. Lambert continued with the progress world has made since he first came out:

“That’s sort of what, in some ways, one of the things that I found challenging when I came out and was establishing myself, was that my sexuality preceded who I was and the music I was making, as far as the media was concerned, and some of the water cooler conversation, and I love how normalized it’s gotten now.”

Despite every effort made by the Anti-LGBTQ community, Adam Lambert climbed the stairs of success. He was on the stage at the amfAR Gala Cannes last night.

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