Yngwie Malmsteen Says He Doesn’t Have Time To Record New Music

During a recent interview with Loudersound, the Swedish guitarist, songwriter, and composer, Yngwie Malmsteen, talked about his upcoming album Parabellum and discussed why he had so much trouble making albums in the past and how his new album is different.

With a career that spans over four decades, Malmsteen is still as active in the metal scene as he was when he first started climbing the ladder of fame in the ’80s. As you may recall, the successful musician had announced that he’ll be releasing his 22nd studio album this year.

Parabellum will be released on July 23 which will apparently be one of his most well-made albums. In his recent interview, Malmsteen said that the difference between this album and the previous ones is that he had the time to work on it and spent more time on writing and recording.

He went on to say that this will be a very positive album as he believes that people are in need of happiness. Yngwie also shared the secret behind his successful albums; making his passion for music obvious. Thus, fans should expect to hear an original, positive, spontaneous, and joyous album.

Here’s what he said during the interview:

“I always try to push myself on every album I do and attempt things which are more extreme than previously. But what has helped this time is that I wasn’t able to go on the road because of the pandemic. It meant I could take much longer in the studio, both to write and record.

Because I am usually always on tour, which is great, I haven’t had the luxury of spending a lot of time working on new music for more than 20 years. But I suddenly had no pressure at all on that front. And I feel the album has benefited enormously as a result.

The bottom line for me is that the passion I feel for the music I make has to be obvious. I am the sort of person who lives in the moment. I wanted this album to have a joyous, spontaneous atmosphere. This must never sound as if it’s been rehearsed so much that it becomes routine.

I hope people will put on this record at the start and listen right through to the end, from start to finish. I recorded this as a singular piece of art. Not as a collection of 10 tracks you can hear in any order you want. I view this album as having a natural flow from start to finish. It’s not to be cut up into little pieces. I want fans to experience the delight I had in making it.”

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