Yngwie Malmsteen Recalls The Main Reason KISS Didn’t Hire Him


One of the best electric guitar players of all time, Yngwie Malmsteen, recently revealed in an interview with Eon Music the bands that approached him for collaboration throughout the years and mentioned why KISS didn’t hire him.

Malmsteen has released 21 studio albums since the beginning of his career in 1978, and he ranked No. 9 in Time magazine’s list of ‘Greatest Electric Guitar Players of All Time.’ Although he is a very successful musician on his own, he also appeared on stage with other bands such as Alcatrazz and was also offered to join many bands.

In his recent interview, Malmsteen was asked if he received offers from other bands, and unsurprisingly, his answer was yes. He mentioned that there were offers from UFO, David Lee Roth, Ozzy Osbourne, and Ronnie James Dio. He also noted there was an offer from KISS, but they didn’t hire him because he spoke about his height in meters instead of feet.

This is what he said in the interview:

“Yeah, of course. Quite a lot, actually. I was offered a gig in UFO, I was offered a gig with David Lee Roth. There was some murmur about the Ozzy thing. Ronnie James Dio, he talked about it all the time. When I actually lived in Sweden, I was offered a gig in KISS. They wanted to talk to me.

They called me up, and I was in Sweden, right, and the guy said ‘Are you hot?,’ and then he asked me ‘Are you six feet tall?’ and I’m metric, right? I’m 6’3, I’m actually quite tall, I’m 192cm, so I said ‘No, I’m 192,’ and he goes ‘What the fuck’s that?!’ They never called back, so I didn’t end up with an Ankh on my face!”

There is no doubt that if it weren’t for his use of American English the guitarist could have been hired by KISS. Even though he is Swedish, he learned English at a very early age which was an advantage for him. However, he was known to speak the ‘Queen’s English,’ which gave him such habits as telling heights in the metric form.