Wolfgang Van Halen Says He Wishes He Had The Strength That Taylor Hawkins’ Son Shane Has


Mammoth WVH’s Wolfgang Van Halen recently posted a tweet to praise Shane Hawkins’ performance during the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert. In the tweet, Wolfgang also said that he wished to have Shane’s strength.

Taylor Hawkins passed away on March 25, 2022, and this tragic news was considered untimely by his bandmates, family, fellow musicians, and fans. Two months later, Foo Fighters decided to pay their respects to the musician with two tribute shows in September. The first one of the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts took place on September 3 at Wembley Stadium in London.

The concert was marked by the performance of Hawkins’ son Shane Hawkins. Shane took his father’s spot as the drummer and played Foo Fighters’ 1997 hit ‘My Hero.’ Seeing Hawkins’ son playing drums to a Foo Fighters song was indeed a touching moment for the audience.

One of the artists who participated in the tribute show was Wolfgang Van Halen, who also lost his father, Eddie, in 2020. As they sadly share the same fate, Wolfgang was really moved by the young drummer’s performance. In a recent tweet, Mammoth WVH frontman shared a short clip of him and Shane hugging on stage and revealed his thoughts on the show.

Wolfgang stated that Shane Hawkins is an amazing young man, and they sadly have so much in common. After that, the musician admitted he wished he had Shane’s strength. Wolf said he would never forget how Shane performed ‘My Hero’ just like his father. He then ended his words by saying that Shane has a bright future, and he’s proud of him.

Wolfgang Van Halen’s tweet read:

“What an amazing young man Shane Hawkins is. We, unfortunately, have too much in common. I wish I had his strength. Watching him obliterate ‘My Hero’ just like his father at Wembley Stadium is something I will never forget. Kid’s got a bright future. I’m proud of you, Shane.

You can see Wolf’s tweet below.