Wolf Van Halen Discusses Alex Van Halen’s Determination To Remain Private

Wolf Van Halen recently opened up to All Music. When asked about his uncle and Van Halen drummer Alex Van Halen’s wish to stay off the public eye and whether he still played Van Halen songs on drums, Wolf responded:

“I’m sure he does [play]. But in the same respect of my feelings of not wanting to play with the material because I only wanted to play with my dad, I know he feels the same way. So, I really don’t know. He’s a very private guy. We still talk all the time, but in terms of playing anything, I don’t know if he really has that desire as long as my dad’s not here.”

Besides sharing that Alex probably won’t play in public again, Wolf also talked about an unlikely reunion for the band. The rocker explained in an interview with Linea Rock this past spring whether Alex had any plans to reunite with Van Halen and pay his late brother Eddie Van Halen an homage, just like the Foo Fighters did for Taylor Hawkins, Wolf explained:

“No. [A reunion won’t take place]… I think with Foo Fighters, they have a lot less drama in their camp, and unfortunately, with Van Halen, there’s many pieces that don’t operate as they should; unfortunately, but that’s neither here or there; that’s just how reality is sometimes.”

Even though a reunion is not on the cards anytime soon, Wolf shared with All Music that AI might be the only way to go regarding his father’s vault of unreleased music. He expressed:

“As far as that [unreleased music], Al is certainly the decision maker in that process. I’m just kind of there to help him decide and help what he wants to go through – as sort of being the person in place of my father, in his absence. But when it comes to that, I know my dad was vocal of that in the past; he released everything he wanted to release.”

You can read Wolf Van Halen’s interview with All Music here and watch his interview with Linea Rock below.