Willie Nile On Bruce Springsteen’s Performance, ‘He’s Still At The Top Of His Game’

In a recent chat with BBC Radio 2’s Johnnie Walker, Willie Nile shared his excitement and admiration for Bruce Springsteen‘s energy and passion on stage. The two musicians have a history of playing together, and Walker highlighted the connection by mentioning that if New Jersey has Bruce Springsteen, then New York City has Willie Nile.

Springsteen’s latest tour, which began in Tampa, Florida, on February 1, has seen its share of challenges. Band members Steven Van Zandt and Soozie Tyrell had to miss a show in Dallas due to COVID-19, and Patti Scialfa, Springsteen’s wife and an E Street Band singer and guitarist, was also absent for unspecified reasons. Despite these obstacles, the tour continues with plans to head to Europe after the North American leg.

Willie Nile expressed his admiration for Springsteen’s recent performance in Buffalo, New York. He was particularly impressed with the show’s non-stop energy, which lasted for just under three hours. In his opinion, this was the best Bruce Springsteen show he’d ever attended, as the Boss seemed to be having the time of his life, and the band sounded incredible. Nile also mentioned that he and his family had the opportunity to meet Springsteen after the show, who was as kind and generous as ever.

Here is what Nile said about Springsteen’s performance:

“I saw Bruce two weeks ago. He played in Buffalo, New York, which is my hometown. I flew up there to take my kids to go see the show. My kids are all older, and it was the best Bruce Springsteen show I’d ever seen. It was just under three hours. It’s song after song. Boom boom boom boom boom.

It does not let up. He’s having the time of his life, the band sounds great. It was so much fun to see him still at the top of his game, and we got to go back and say hello afterward he was just ever so kind and generous. I love the guy, and anybody who’s going to see Bruce is in for a treat.”

Despite the challenges faced by the band during the tour, Bruce Springsteen clearly continues to amaze his fans and fellow musicians alike. Those who are fortunate enough to catch him on this tour are certainly in for a treat, as he remains at the top of his game.