When Mick Jagger Dodged An Assassination Attempt

The Rolling Stones have been in the music industry for decades since their career began in 1962. Throughout these years, the band members have performed all over the globe and have seen countless crowds. While many of these shows were a success for the band and their fans, the Rolling Stones members have seen quite a few disasters during their lifetime.

Unfortunately, these catastrophic times weren’t just about having a bad show that displeased their audience. Unfortunately, there were bigger tragedies, and one of their shows at a festival in 1969 caused four people to lose their lives. Many years after this tragedy, Rolling Stones fans discovered that the incident also almost took Mick Jagger’s life.

Which Rolling Stones Show Was A Disaster?

On December 6, 1969, the Rolling Stones joined the Altamont Speedway Free Festival as the final act, along with Santana, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and Jefferson Airplane. Thousands of fans attended the festival due to these notable performers, hoping to have a great time watching their favorite bands. However, the show soon turned into a disaster after the increasing violence at the venue while the band was performing on stage.

The Hells Angels security team supposedly triggered the crowd’s fights since they were all drunk because there were free beers during the performance. Though this allegation was never confirmed, the chaos eventually caused four people to pass away, including 18-year-old Meredith Hunter, whom a Hells Angels member stabbed. Many fans were injured that day, and there was property damage. That show left a negative mark on rock music history and later jeopardized the Rolling Stone singer’s life.

Was Mick Jagger Almost Killed?

Since the incident put the Hells Angels team in an alarming position, Mick Jagger decided to disassociate the Rolling Stones’ name from the security team and stated that the band wouldn’t be working with them anymore. As a result, the Hells Angels team felt betrayed by the band and Jagger’s behavior during the aftermath of the Altamont disaster.

Furthermore, former FBI agent Mark Young told the BBC during an interview that the team was so angry at Jagger that they wanted to kill the frontman to get revenge. The team even devised a plan to trespass on Mick Jagger’s Long Island property. Fortunately for the singer, there was a storm on the day of the assassination, which caused their watercraft to sink, and they had to run for their lives instead of killing Jagger.

Young said:

“Their plan involved making entry into his Long Island property, going by boat. As they gathered the weaponry and their forces to go out on Long Island Sound, a storm rolled up, which nearly sunk the watercraft they were in, and they escaped with their own lives.”

Surprisingly, the Rolling Stones frontman didn’t find out about this incident until the FBI decided to break it down many years later. Though he learned he almost lost his life to an assassination planned by his former security team, Mick Jagger didn’t comment on this unexpected news.