Weird Al Yankovic Recalls Embarrassing First Meeting With Paul McCartney

Weird Al Yankovic recently shared the moment he first met Paul McCartney, referring to it as ’embarrassing.’ The singer was guested on DannyWimmerPresents, where he shared memories from his early days, including the McCartney incident. Yankovic was asked about the most embarrassing moment he had with another celebrity, to which he started telling about the day he met the Beatle:

“Well, my favorite one, and I’ve said this in the news before, the first time I met Paul McCartney, which was 1984, October 22nd, I think it was. I’ve seen variations of the story online, but basically, I went to the opening night screening for his ‘Give My Regards To Road Street’ movie, and I was there just hanging out with Michael Keaton, who was also just starting his career. This is like, maybe ‘Mr. Mom’ just came out.”

Yankovic then went on to explain how he decided to go near McCartney:

“We’re just kind of hanging out and going, ‘Oh, should we go up to Paul McCartney and say hi?’ And I asked one of his handlers, and he said, ‘No, Paul’s very busy.’ And yeah I thought, ‘Well, this is my chance to meet Paul,’ and I just kind of hung out.”

He then shared his excitement while revealing McCartney knew him:

“I was in the back of the crowd; in fact, I think there’s an interview of Paul’s talking to Martha Quinn, and I’m there like looking over people’s shoulders like, ‘Hey!’ but finally I get up to Paul, and I say ‘Hi Paul, my name is Al Yankovic.’ He goes, ‘Oh, Weird Al, Linda, look honey, it’s Weird Al.’ I was like, ‘What?’ It blew my mind to this day that he knew who I was.”

Also known for being a parodist, Yankovic made popular parodies of many songs by numerous artists, including Michael Jackson, Queen, Green Day, and more. Although he created parodies of The Beatles’ ‘Free As A Bird’ and ‘Taxman,’ Yankovic also wanted to create a parody of McCartney’s ‘Live and Let Die,’ which McCartney didn’t allow.

Apparently, Yankovic planned to change the title to ‘Chicken Pot Pie,’ and the Beatle disagreed since he is a vegetarian, claiming that he didn’t want to see a song that condoned the consumption of animal flesh.

You can see the latest interview below.