Vince Neil: Why Nikki Sixx Beat Up Malcolm Young

In a new interview with Outsider, Vince Neil recalled the incident between Nikki Sixx and AC/DC’s Malcolm Young.

During the chat, the rocker recalled one of the band’s old habits: biting people. He then explained how it almost caused a feud between him and Eddie Van Halen:

“Van Halen got pretty pissed off at us because we were at a party and Sweden in Stockholm and we were all in the same hotel and we had a party there and back then I don’t know what was in our minds but we would bite everybody. We just bite them. I grabbed Eddie Van Halen and I bit him in the hand. He was not happy with that. [It was a] serious bite.”

Though Neil thinks most bands could handle such a thing, he noted that Young couldn’t. He explained what happened between Sixx and Young next:

“[Most bands] put up with this but Nikki with this hair up you know he’s like 6’6″ and Malcolm Young, the guitar player for AC/DC, he’s like 4 foot 8. They were arguing about something and Nikki grabbed him and picked him up by the neck and held him against the wall.”

Malcolm Young Got Furious

Nikki Sixx’s habit of biting people apparently made Young furious. In Mötley Crüe’s book, ‘The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band,’ Sixx wrote about the incident. As it appears, it didn’t start because Sixx bit Malcolm, but he bit his brother Angus Young instead. He explained:

“I must have bitten Angus Young too, because his brother Malcolm walked up to me in a rage. I was wearing platform boots, and Malcolm’s face was eye level with my belly button. ‘You f*cking b*stard,’ he roared at my navel. ‘You can bite my brother, fine! But if you f*cking bite me, I’ll bite your f*cking nose off, you dog-faced f*ggot.’ I think I said something like ‘you and what stepladder,’ because before I knew it, he was attacking me, climbing up my leg and clawing at my face like a crazed cat.”

It’s unclear whether the feud was resolved between Sixx and Young before the AC/DC rocker’s passing in 2017.

You can watch the interview below.