Vince Neil Is Back On Social Media After Breaking His Ribs

Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil returned to social media after falling badly off the stage and breaking his ribs. The singer announced Mötley Crüe’s latest project ‘Mötley Crüe – ‘The Dirt (Declassified).’

Last week, the Mötley Crüe singer was performing at the Monsters On The Mountain Festival when he fell through a gap on the stage and scared everyone. Neil continued performing before he was rushed to the hospital. Mötley Crüe announced on Twitter and Instagram that their frontman broke his ribs after the accident.

On October 17, the band stated that Vince was back from the hospital, resting at home to recover and perform on their upcoming tour in 2022. Neil has suffered from several health issues throughout the years, which caused him to perform poorly, which once again made the fans question whether he will be able to sing from now on.

There were a lot of speculations around the reason the singer fell that night. Some people stated that maybe he has started drinking again, and others put forward his weight as the cause and how it could be challenging to keep his balance. Until recently, the iconic frontman had remained silent about the fall and his health issues on his social media accounts.

Neil returned to social media to announce Mötley Crüe’s latest project, ‘The Dirt (Declassified),’ which will be released in April 2022. ‘The Dirt (Declassified)’ is a graphic novel of the band in which the Crüe members reveal their secret mission of protecting the world as agents.

The fans didn’t comment much on the graphic novel’s release as they were mainly concerned with Neil’s health. Most of the comments were positive and supportive. However, since Neil had disabled comments from his Instagram account, he couldn’t receive any get-well wishes from there.

Here is what Vince Neil tweeted:

This is pretty cool!

Mötley Crüe – ‘The Dirt: Declassified.’ Playing arenas was just a front for our true mission. Pre-order your copy now at Z Comics.”

You can see his tweet and watch the trailer below.